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A Pacific Northwest based freelance photographer specializing in nature shots, travel, and architecture.Always looking for a new spot to shoot as we travel, I try to find the story behind every picture looking for the soul of the building, person or landscape. These photos are all a snapshot in time, and maybe the only thing we will have left as time passes and views and places change.

Just a note about sales, each photo is a limited edition of only 50 prints each and will not be offered for sale again. Most of these photos are taken with a Canon 5D Mark II and are 21 MB in size. I have reduced them for uploading. All sales are guaranteed as well.
Thank you for your support!

Our latest journey took us to Frankfurt, Lisbon, and all thoughout Spain, from extremadura, to Madrid, Toledo, Sevilla and down to Malaga and the coast. Seville is an amazing place as is Toledo and Trujillo. Looking forward to sharing some of these shots soon!
See you all behind the lens!


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Leon Cemetery, near Tampico, Illinois

Updated: Jul 15, 2010 5:10pm PST

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